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    The Lala Story

    Kasie Maunders, Proud Sales Director Of lalabella.uk


    For girls who can never find an outfit!


    You have found your home of clothes happiness! CLOTHES ARE LIFE. Lalabella is a UK online shopping store that caters for every girl in the world. Make a statement with a low cost. What more could you really want? We have only recently launched this year 2017 and want to make a massive impression on the fashion world. Lalabella was created to make shopping fun by seeing lots of different products that gives you an excitement like no other. Looking and thinking, I need that.. and that.. and that at affordable prices. HELP DISRUPT THE FASHION INDUSTRY WITH US!
    Our Story
    I’m sure from most girls reading this, fashion has always been a big part of their life. The branding of Lalabella started all from me (Kasie Maunders – founder of Lalabella) wanting to get my foot in the door into a fashion career, you know your daily 9 to 5.. Of course, that didn’t happen so I went on my own venture, threw myself in the deep end and ended up with a full blown website!
    The dream all started by watching Ugly Betty. American comedy-drama The lifestyle and the exciting events that happen within the fashion industry, meeting celebrities and all that jazz. After studying to be a legal secretary I decided that was just not a bit of me... So here we are, a new fashion website that was inspired by the #MOTTO – for girls who can never find an outfit.
    Being a girl myself, into all the latest fashion styles – I can never ever seem to find an outfit no matter where I look?! The struggle is real… So, I want to put everything into this brand to actually help girls find the perfect outfit for any given occasion without that ‘struggle’. I mean, finding clothes is never easy but if it's more of a simple outfit matching process then that will be good enough for me!
    The name ‘Lalabella’ sounds so girly and pretty, so I have to make sure the clothes are meeting expectations! I must admit, the whole idea of ‘starting a website’ was so not as easy as I thought it was! BUT, it will be so worth it! There is no bigger passion than seeing happy customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction! We can’t wait to see all those hashtags and tags on Instagram and Twitter from happy customers looking fleeky in their Lalabella clothes #LALAGIRLS.
    The Ultimate #LALAGIRL
    A true LALAGIRL will live and die fashion. The most favourite saying of one of these girls will be ‘I don’t have any clothes to wear’ while looking at a wardrobe fully jam packed of clothes... She is a sassy and classy individual that will follow no crowd but only make her own path in how she dresses. A Lalagirl will make her presence known when stepping into any place and not even having to say a word as her outfit does the talking. Yaaaaaaaaaaas!
    To stand out from the crowd make sure you're uploading your Lalabella outfits on social media and tagging us @lalabella_uk & use your hashtag #LALAGIRLS we are buzzing to see you all!
    We want more!
    Our fashion will be changing like the weather, literally... We have new SS & AW styles coming in every week. That’s right... NEW STYLES EVERY WEEK! To be ahead of all the rest make sure you follow us on all our social network pages as this is where the magic and inspiration starts. Our social media is so important to us as this is where we can express ourselves on a whole new level.
    What do we want and when do we want it?
    When do we want to look good? And when do we want it? NOW! We love the diversity in all the girls out there, another person's hate is another person's love. This is what makes fashion so exciting! We stand strong to our motto of ‘For girls who can never find an outfit’ because some girls might struggle to find their own individual look but at Lalabella they will find their own way!