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For girls who can never find an outfit!

If you had asked me a few years ago, ''where do you see yourself in 3 years time?'' I would have probably said in a law firm up London living that whole 'London life' as a legal secretary - after finishing my diploma in college. Funny how things change! I have always loved media and fashion but just had no idea how to get into that industry when all I had on my side was work experience but no qualifications. My dad runs an online business called Kiss Trix ''  an adult industry website haha... said to me... why not follow your passion for fashion and start your own business too, so I did.

 Lalabella started May 2017 which at that time I had a vision of buying from wholesalers and incorporating every single type of fashion item there was into the website and selling a wide variety - which was a tad crazy. After around 6 months, this wasn't really going the way I had hoped - I was going to do a campaign of girls of all different sizes wearing the clothes so people could see their size in the items before they added to cart. We scouted for models on Instagram and narrowed it down to 9 girls (who were so normal and down to earth and exactly what we needed) - the number of people who entered was overwhelming and made us realise that things were looking up. Unfortunately, due to still being a small business at the time funds were not on our side and the idea was done by another company. This made me really question what the next step was for Lalabella and started to lose hope. 

 I was in two minds of what to do as we had just recruited these amazing girls as models but completely dropped the idea of buying from wholesalers and being involved with the WIDE fashion industry. I was going to work every day and constantly kept seeing people wearing t-shirts and thought omg this is the best idea! Not only could we specialise in something, but it would be our own designs, branded clothing and a chance to make a name for ourselves and known for something.

 My mum, who has experience in textiles and fashion has really made this happen as we have sourced and created all the designs by personally creating the t-shirts ourselves we can have more control over this business - along with my dad who has helped along with the website. The biggest part has been the 9 girls who we originally scouted (we knew that whatever happened they would still be a part of this) - they have all been so supporting and encouraging and excited about the tee launch that it has really boosted the business! 

 I think the real important factor within Lalabella is that we want to get as many normal girls involved as possible as that is what it's all about. Also, with our favorite slogan of all times and our motto 'for girls who can never find an outfit, we want you all to embrace Lalabella and get involved!

Other Information: 

I' am also involved with my families website, day to running sister company Peachy. This is an adult shopping site for Lingerie, Sex Toys and a bit of kink for those over 18 years of Age.  Click the link or image to take a sneak peek if you like at Lalabella Sister Company Adult Online Store